September 2020: Crow's Nest Week

We were so happy to spend a week at Crow's Nest doing various odd jobs that we couldn't complete during lockdown, and we did find time for some expeditions too.  

Nash Point - about 30 mins drive - this is a lovely part of the Wales Coast Path.  It costs £3 to park all day if the cafe is open to take payment.  Turn left and walk along the Coast Path to St Donats or turnright and walk over the stunning cliffs to Dunraven.

Porthkerry Park - about 15 minutes drive or an hour's walk from Crow's Nest.  Mrs Marco's cafe has all things Italian including cannoli andtiramisu bars, and again more of the coastal path to walk plus some great woodland paths too.

Academy Expresso Bar.  This is one of our favourite coffee shops, now they even have a drive through at the new Goodsheds development.  This opened during our stay but we weren't in time to book it!

Penarth - about 25 minutes drive or 45 minutes on the bus.  Penarth is an old fashioned seaside town with a pier, cafes and champagne bar on the front.  There is a famous Sisley painting of Penarth, unfortunately the original tree has gone but another has been planted.   We parked in the Cliff Road car park and walked along the coast path to the Cardiff Bay barrage and then round to Cardiff Bay.

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen.  I wasn't organised enough to book this before our visit, ie I didn't book during the first 4 minutes of the website opening, but I was lucky enough to get a cancellation for Friday night.  It is so brilliant, we had a wonderful meal there.  Just worth bearing in mind that you need to reconfirm your booking by replying to their email that arrives the day before.


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